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New York Lead Poisoning and Toxic Product Lawyers

Lead poisoning affects virtually every system of a child’s body. It can cause central nervous system, kidney, and reproductive system damage, and in severe cases coma, seizures and even death.

Lead poisoning is known to cause decreased intelligence, behavioral disorders, and a host of neurological problems that can cause irreversible and permanent damage to your child.

Many people believe that because lead paint has been outlawed for household use for many years that it is no longer a problem, however, that is simply not true. The older paint gets the more likely it is to chip or peel, and those paint chips, and the dust they create, are very dangerous.

In New York City Local Law 38 sets forth the rules which can protect your child from the hazards of lead paint within your home. Local Law 38 defines a lead hazard as peeling paint, or paint under deteriorated sub surfaces in a multiple dwelling (ie. 3 apartments or more) built before 1960 where a child under the age of 6 resides.

If you live in an old building and your child has an elevated lead level call the Med Law team for a free consultation at 1 888 MEDLAW1.

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